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Our PTFE Compounds

For more than 30 years, we have specialized in the development and production of PTFE compounds. Using premium grade raw materials and proprietary equipment developed by our experienced manufacturing team, we are able to ensure the most consistent, high-quality products on the market.

Our product line encompasses over 1000 formulations of unfilled and filled PTFE compounds ranging from standard industry products to specialty customer products.

3 Different Grades

All of our compounds are manufactured in-house and available in three different grades:

  • Low Flow Grade
    • Standard billet-grade molding powder
    • Low-bulk-density powder form
    • Exhibits highest physical properties
    • Offers most effective pricing option
    • Typically used for compression molding, large billets, thick-walled parts, stock shapes, molded plates, large gaskets, etc.
  • Free Flow Grade:
    • High-bulk-density pellet form
    • The most commonly used form of filled PTFE in the market
    • More efficient deployment
    • Typically used for automatic molding, valve-seat manufacturing, backup rings, micro-medical devices, thin-wall compression molding, etc.
    • Ideal for extruding higher physical properties when a more cost-effective price point is desired
  • Extrusion Grade: 
    • Pre-sintered pellet form
    • Highest-bulk-density
    • Typically used for stock shapes and extruded profile products

In addition, most of our compounds can be pigmented to achieve your desired color.

Clear Labeling

One of the key differentiators for our compounds is the design and use of a clear labeling process to ensure immediate and easy-to-understand identification.

Our compounds are distributed globally and known for their unsurpassed quality and consistency. Contact us at 410-392-9080 to learn more about product offerings.