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Compounding Services

From product development and testing to custom compounding and logistical management, PTFE COMPOUNDS, INC. offers dedicated teams to serve your needs and specification requirements at every level. In the event you have not developed a specification, we can develop one for you that is based on the ideal product solution. Following are just a few of the related services we offer:

  • Product Consulting: Our team of experienced technicians is always ready to put their expertise and problem-solving skills to work for you.
  • Product Testing: Our laboratory will perform the required testing to develop a comprehensive analysis of your product, including:
    • Chemical
    • Mechanical
    • Thermal
    • Optical
    • Physical
    • Electrical conductivity/electrical resistivity
  • Product Development: Our expert R&D team will work with you to:
    • Form a proprietary compound, process or part that will meet your needs
    • Customize an existing product from our in-house catalog of more than 1,000 compounds
    • Reverse engineer a known solution that fits your unique application
  • Toll Services: We offer reliable toll service, adding desired fillers and compounding/blending the materials you source to meet your specific requirements (carefully logging quantities and processes for thorough traceability). 
  • Logistics Management: Our logistics team can assist with all national and international shipments.
  • Custom Compounding: Our large capacity blenders are capable of compounding up to 1,250 lbs in a single lot, producing quality homogeneous mixtures to your desired specifications and reducing the need for extensive additional testing.
  • Custom Drying: Our high-volume ovens can efficiently heat treat and facilitate the drying of large quantities of material for nearly any application.
  • PTFE Parts: Our team can assist you with the design of a new part or help you redesign a current part, from concept to fabricated prototype.

Whatever your compounding needs, PTFE COMPOUNDS, INC. has the skills, experience, and equipment to serve your needs with a focus on quality and performance. Call us today at 410-392-9080 to speak with one of our technicians.